Your Bike Shed, York, Bicycle Café, Coffee Shop and Repair Workshop.


We have a great mix of breakfast goodies that includes everything from freshly baked pastries to the full works by way of a hearty Yorkshire breakfast. Our products are always fresh and locally sourced and we serve our entire menu all day long, so feel free to pull the breakfast for lunch switch if the mood strikes. Anything you want is fine by us.


We prepare a wide range of generously proportioned, imaginatively filled sandwiches every day. All of our rustic sandwiches are made with freshly baked bread, are wonderfully tasty and filled with only the best natural ingredients.


Bringing you something !HOT! from the Bike Shed kitchen, the toastie is back! Whether it’s childhood memories or lazy student days, everyone loves a toastie and we bring you classic combos along with some new unusual and modern twists. The Panini has had its day, long live the toastie!


You’ll also find a wide range of tasty light bites and yummy snack alternatives to munch in the shed or take on the road.


There really is nothing better when you’re hungry than a hot, steaming, fluffy jacket potato. Even simply served with a knob of butter or a drizzle of olive oil, it’s one of the most comforting things to eat. Our jacket potato recipes are full of inspiration and we’re on a mission to make the tastiest, most creative jackets ever.

SALADS {Who says salad’s have to be boring!}

Our super food salads are colourful, healthy and nutritious. Salads are wonderful things, fresh, delicious and full of healthy goodness and will be on ‘Your Bike Shed’ menu all year round.


Our soups are delicious, diverse, healthy and freshly made in house.  All year round we come up with new and exciting soup recipes to warm your cockles and energise your day.  Check out the specials board or ask what we have. All come with freshly baked bread and we know you won’t be disappointed.


We bake all of our cakes right here, just for you. Check out our display counter as the range changes daily. We’ll always have a selection of the old school classics as well as house favourites including chocolate brownies, carrot cake, flapjacks and home made scones.