ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle Review – best affordable electric bike under 2000

Are you in search of an affordable, sturdy, well designed and fun electric bike that enjoys hundreds of positive reviews and ratings? The ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle fits that job description perfectly. Once it is on the road, nothing can be matched to it in terms of performance. This makes it the best electric bike in its price range. What is in store for you with this bike? Read on!

Features and Specifications

Frame and Handlebar

This bike is the best definite of a lightweight electric bike. Coming at only 26.5 lbs., you will appreciate its weight. Moreover, its handlebar is collapsible and will require only a few seconds to fold it. This makes this bike compatible with tight and space deprived areas.

The design of this bike is inspired by the dolphin. Its frame is made using aluminum and the seat tube designed using an aluminum alloy. This increases its strength to tackle the hardest of beatings.

Pedal-less Design

Secondly is the pedal-less design that this bike comes in. the pedals have been replaced by steel pegs for resting your legs during your trips. This set up suits short people the most and they don’t necessarily have to adjust anything to enjoy the ride. With that said, this bike best suits riders of heights between five and six feet tall.


Another cool features and probably the coolest feature of this bike is the App support system that it comes with. This app is able to take note of your speed, travel time and distance. You can also adjust the headlight and speed as well as read basic info concerning the bike. The list doesn’t end there and there are numerous other cool stuffs that you can do with using the App.

The Good

Compact and Light

These are the two most impressive features with this bike. The fact that you are able to fold the handlebar in a matter of seconds is fascinating. Moreover, it is lightweight and carrying it from one point to another won’t be a problem.

Ideal for short distance travels

This bike isn’t like the other expensive ones in the market that can go for 20 miles using a single charge. Considering its price, its battery power will last you around seven miles thus making the bike the best affordable electric bike under 1000 for short trips.

The Bad

Not Ideal for Daily Commuting

If you want something that you can use daily as a means of commuting, then this bike will not serve you purposefully. This bike is more of a recreational tool. Repetitive use of it will make it susceptible to wear and tear.

Who Is It For?

No one is exempted from enjoying the benefits of this bike; adults, teens and kids alike. It is specifically designed for casual riders who look to travel for short distances over smooth roads or paths. The trip should be less than seven miles and one way. It is for people looking for an affordable alternative of commuting instead of paying exaggerated parking fees and gas money.


Who said you can’t have something highly performing at an affordable price? This bike is a proof of one of the best affordable electric bikes under 2000. It is efficient, compact and easy to use. You will enjoy every moment that you spend with it.